Thursday, August 2, 2012

Candidate Forum: Opening & Closing Statements

Candidate forum tonight, below are my opening and closing statements, let me know what you think!  Thanks to all of my supporters!!!

Two minute opening
Thank you to the league of Women voters for sponsoring this forum.  Thank you to citizens for taking this time to listen and learn before casting your vote on August 14. 

I am ReNae Bowman.  I am running for re-election as your mayor and tonight I reapply for the job by asking for your vote.  Why ReNae Bowman; because I have a proven track record of leading concrete positive changes for Crystal citizens.  Through the work I have completed, I believe I have earned your vote.

According to the citizen survey, under my leadership, the quality of life in Crystal has improved as well as a sense of citizen empowerment. 

More evidence of my leadership is strong city finances; I bring to the council table experienced and best-practices based financial management skills.  Crystal’s budget is stable even during these unstable times.  At a time when property values plummeted; citizens did not see double digit city property tax increases.   
Further proof of financial strength, Crystal paid cash, $1,000,000 for our portion of the West Metro fire trucks.   We knew the expense was coming; we budgeted and saved to avoid debt service fees and interest. 

Crystal does not deficit spend.  Bond debt is usually limited to things like the pool reconstruction (approved by citizen vote) and to finance the citizen portion of street assessments; we do not borrow or bond for trucks and plows, or other operational expenses. 

My opponents tonight will try to make the case that the sky is falling and evil lurks behind each corner.  Unfortunately, their statements are used in an attempt to foster the notion that proven qualifications do not count, but they do. 

Tonight's questions and answers will provide concrete evidence of my qualifications and abilities to continue to serve as your mayor.   One more thing, I love this job, I thank you for the honor of serving you during these past 8 years and I look forward to serving you for 4 more years. 

One minute close
Eight years ago I was elected to represent you; I listened then demonstrated I am a catalyst for positive community change.   During the next 4 years I remain committed to my core value, including:  
  •  of the citizen, by the citizen and for the citizen, your voice at city hall
  •  peaceful and prosperous neighborhoods
  • the human rights of all of citizens and as
  • a positive steward of our environment 
My opponents speak of financial issues but recently demonstrated their lack of commitment toward the review and approval of our annual budget, the council’s most important job.  Neither opponent attended the first 2013 budget session on Tuesday, July 31. 

How deep is the commitment if one does not attend the most important business meeting of the year?  If they are not committed to budget work, can claims of commitment be true, or just words.  

Please vote for me, ReNae Bowman on August 14.  I am the committed candidate ready to continue on with the important work of keeping Crystal a great place to live, work and play.  Vote for me ReNae Bowman 

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