Saturday, October 20, 2012

Local TV Ad comments

Some may wonder why I put the local TV ad for my challenger on my blog (along with my own ad).  I believe that citizens should be informed.  My challenger states that he does not like the direction the city is going.  Yet, according to our recent Citizen Survey, citizens demonstrate they support the direction the city has gone.  Many citizens like our small,  town feel with our access to urban amenities.  As I have campaigned, I have discovered there are no issues communicated by the citizens.  People are happy and I am proud I had a part in that

My challenger laments on the issue of taxes in our city, my challenger lies when he talks about the tax rate.  I hate a liar, I have never lied to get elected.  My belief is that if a candidate is willing to lie to get elected, what will they be willing to lie about after they are elected.  I have proof to back up my statements, can my challenger prove his statements? 

We have had small tax increases, but we have not had large spikes like many other cities, nor are we growing government.  As a city we do not deficit spend, our budgets are always balanced.  Our city not only looks healthy, it is financially healthy and city staff continues to provide services citizens rely on and expect.   Our property values are preserved and in fact values are increasing.  A home that sold for $103,000 a year ago, sells for $137,000 today, Crystal houses do not linger in the market.  If the city is going in the wrong direction, why is our housing stock so strong?

I have a demonstrated track record of serving individual citizens, not special interest groups.  Budgets must be transparent and if they are not, changes must be made to make them transparent.  Hundreds of Crystal citizens know first hand that I am available to answer questions, help solve issues and tirelessly work as an advocate for their rights as citizens.  Thousands know I am the best candidate for the job.

Vote for ReNae Bowman on November 6th, a candidate with a positive, proven track record of citizen service and respect. 


  1. Mayor Bowman, you say that property values are increasing and homes do not linger on the market, however, this does not match what I anecdotally see with my own home value or the increasing number of homes for sale, many of which are vacant, in my neighborhood. Could you share the data you have to back up your statement about home values and time homes spend on the market?

  2. Bethany,
    Thanks for question and comment. I get my information from the city and the real estate association.

    Info from the city:
    Number of Point of Sale Inspections for single-family properties:

    2007 – 428
    2008 – 439
    2009 – 449
    2010 – 351
    2011 – 339
    2012 – YTD is 338, which is 57 more than at this time last year. Based on this, we can project 412 property inspections by year-end, which is the most since ’09 and very close to numbers from 2007 (prior to the housing bubble burst).

    Total number of Sheriff’s sales on foreclosed properties in Crystal since Jan. 1, 2007: 826
    2007 - 115
    2008 - 178
    2009 - 144
    2010 - 160
    2011 - 129
    2012 (as of 10/17/12) - 100

    This suggests that the number of Sheriff’s sales is trending lower since the peak years of ’08-’10.

    These are just some of the indications of the housing recovery, not only in Crystal but regionally and nationally.

    Here’s an address to the good news on foreclosures from just today:

    The information about the market I get from the real estate association is located at the following address:
    Go to "the Thing to get specific information about Crystal and you can also compare Crystal to other cities. It is a great web site with good information from the private market.
    If I knew your area, I am willing to drive around and take a closer look. While campaigning 4 years ago, I noticed our neighborhoods were looking worn. However, I can see improvements in most neighborhoods.

    Will you provide me a cross street location so that I can take a look? Let me know if you have other questions or comments.
    Thanks again!!